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Okay, I’ve gotten several anonymous asks questioning why I only ship canon ships. Well, technically over the course of my various stories I’ve paired up in some way more than one couple that are never together in the books—Catelyn and Jon Umber, Robb Stark and Roslin Frey, Sansa Stark and Willas Tyrell, Stannis Baratheon and Ashara Dayne even! :D

But I suppose what people are really referring to is the fact that the only couple I actively ship all the time (and heaven knows I ship them with a vengeance) are the canonically married Ned and Catelyn Stark. I freely admit this (although except for entirely pre-canon one-shots, I have only TWO actually canon-compliant tales for these two because canon is just SO DEPRESSING for them). From a romance standpoint, I am completely enamored of Ned and Cat. I love them!

But, honestly, at the end of the day, what I TRULY ship more than anything is Starks x Happiness. And considering what GRRM does to THAT particular concept in canon, I submit that I’m actually sailing the most non-canon, crack!ship around!! :D :D :D

fashi0nmistake replied to your post “New Fic Posted on AO3”

oh no feelings ): lol but seriously, this series always gives me a ton of tragic nedcat feelings so I was glad to see that you posted a new part to it! And then I read it and am now drowning in my emotions

I’m sorry!! This isn’t a very happy situation for anyone involved, I’m afraid!! A lot of folks had been asking me if and when I planned to add more to that universe, so I went ahead and wrote it. :(

I hope reading it wasn’t TOO miserable.

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That’s where I went my first day back from my week off!

I applaud your excellent decision! :D

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Black Sheep? Green King IPA? London Pride? Doom Bar? ;)

Now see? If it weren’t for this whole annoying time zone thing which will make it nearly midnight where you are by the time we get there, I could just send you a pic of the beer menu, and let you pick something for me!!! 

Ugh. Finished with my first day back at work after a week off and already wondering when my next week off might be!

On the plus side, we’re taking my mother out to dinner for her birthday tonight and she chose The Pub—so at least I can look forward to good beer. :)

New Fic Posted on AO3

Betrayals, Bastards, and Birthing Beds, which is Part Three in the "Would That You Were MIne" series, is posted HERE on AO3.

This series is an alternate pre-canon universe in which Ned Stark managed to keep his older brother from getting arrested and subsequently killed after his sister’s disappearance with Rhaegar Targaryen. Rickard Stark is still killed by Aerys, the Rebellion still takes place with Robert Baratheon ending up on the throne, Lyanna still dies leaving a son behind her. But with Brandon Stark alive and Lord of Winterfell, Ned Stark and Catelyn Tully live very different lives. Unfortunately for them, they still come to love each other.

Oh dear. Stupid random power outage and I haven’t saved in awhile. Waiting for computer to restart to see how much I lost

Ugh! Sometimes I really hate our violent summer evening thunderstorms! I am ALMOST finished with this fic and the power has already gone out twice! I’m saving after every other word I type now out of sheer paranoia!

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I’ve had a couple of porn blogs in the last few weeks that have followed, then unfollowed, in fairly rapid succession… Not a clue where they found me from though as I don’t think I use any tags they would pick up on!

OH, I HATE those things! I had like five of them suddenly follow me when I tagged a prompt fill nsfw. I then had to figure out how to block them :-/ 

The advice blog was just kind of funny, at least. It appears to be two girls who give out advice—almost entirely boyfriend/girlfriend/dating stuff—so, I’m thinking I’m not really their target audience. :D

Tiger says hi to Daisy, Avery!

Tiger says hi to Daisy, Avery!