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team i can’t do math for shit but i can write a 3 page english paper in less than an hour 

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Have you been eating all my biscuits, Roger Wakefield?

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modernamericangirl said: 6 & "Vows"!

Who is my favorite character in this fic?

Catelyn Tully Stark!!! It is Ned’s and Catelyn’s story, of course, told with alternating POV chapters ONLY from their points of view. And I do love BOTH of these characters in general and in this story.

But, in Vows, it’s Catelyn that really shines for me. While Ned’s up at the Wall being all guilt-ridden and honor-bound and generally conflicted and miserable about what he’s done with his life, she’s the one keeping it together. She’s trying to protect her wounded kids, teach Robb how to be Lord of Winterfell, figure out a way to get her husband and family out of this horrible situation the Lannisters put them into—all while both desperately missing and feeling abandoned by her husband. Then, of course, after she gets ONE night with that husband, he goes back to the WALL, and she gets a pregnancy to deal with as well! 

Throughout the story, she’s generally the one with the calmest head, the one making Ned finally realize a lot of important things, playing politics with Willas Tyrell, keeping Ned and Greatjon from killing each other, etc. etc. So, yeah, I love and adore my Ned Stark as always. But in Vows, Catelyn is definitely my fave. :)

rumaan said: Thanks for that, Darla! We use bubba occasionally for babies too but it more a pet name from baby.

You’re welcome! Yeah, it’s just the baby boys, here! If you called someone’s baby girl “Bubba” they might take offense! :D

catelvn said: L+H, 3 and 11 :)

3. What’s the part of the fic I’m most proud of? 

Are you kidding me? It’s over 700,000 words long, and you want me to pick one part? LOLOLOL!! I swear I honestly can’t do that. I go back and reread different parts all the time as I write, and I discover some little thing I put into nearly every chapter that I’d forgotten about that makes me smile or cry or generally think, “Okay, that was actually pretty good.” So, instead of picking a specific scene or event, I’ll cheat and just tell you what I’m proudest about overall in this tale. I believe that I’ve kept the world of the books pretty much intact and believable as the Westeros that GRRM gave us, and that I’ve kept the characters (not just Ned and Cat, but others as well) as true to their book selves as possible, and that I’ve woven them into a story that deviates from canon at two specific points (Ned’s execution and the Red Wedding) and moved those characters along this new story in a plausible and hopefully interesting and entertaining way to give Ned and Catelyn their own story which goes on longer than what they got in the books. (Just because I love them and wanted more!)

Now, some readers might think I’ve been less successful at that than I hope I have, but that’s been my intent with “Love and Honor,” and overall I’m pretty pleased with what I’ve done.

11. If I were to rewrite this fic, what would I change?

Oh, good lord! I just want to finish it! The idea of rewriting this monster makes me faint, tbh. I’d like to go back and clean up a lot of the wordings. I’d fix the countless grammar and spelling errors in it because those drive me crazy on re-reads, and I usually don’t have time to mess with fixing them (especially if I’m on my phone). But as to the actual plot? If I went through it chapter by chapter, I’m sure I could find little things I’d change here and there, but overall, I like it.

Oh! I’d include a scene with Catelyn and Jeyne Westerling Stark at Riverrun. I had one in my head, but opted to leave it out as it was more a character moment for Cat than anything else and didn’t really advance the plot, and God knows Catelyn has enough character moments in this story. But it did kind of tie up the whole Jeyne thing by giving her a brief appearance rather than just a mention. I left it out because I thought the story was getting TOO LONG!!!!! LMAO!!! That was in like chapter 14-15! Now that we’re almost to chapter 80, I know perfectly well, I could have put it in and not significantly increased the length of this thing, but …there you have it. That’s one thing I’d probably do if I had it to do over. :)


Actual serious question for my American followers. Is Bubba (as in Bubba Watson) a REAL name? Or is it just a nickname?

LOL!! For the record, Bubba Watson’s parents named him Gerry. But they have undoubtedly called him Bubba since childhood. It’s sort of a generic nickname for “brother” used primarily in the south like “sissy” is used for sisters. Adults in the south will frequently use these terms to address children. My 94 year old grandmother, for instance calls both her daughters, myself, and all my female cousins “sissy” or “sis” as often as she calls us by name to this day. Many of my family members call the boy children “bubba” at times. I’ve even used it on my kids myself. For instance, yesterday, when Son Number 3 couldn’t get the pads in his football pants straightened out, I called him over with, “Come here bubba, let me get that for you.” I might have just as easily said “baby” or “bubby” and I don’t really say it that often except with Number 3 who is the BABY BROTHER of our family.

Interestingly enough, he’s also got naturally the biggest body build of my guys, and the term “bubba” has also come to be associated with a big guy. If you do hear, “He looks like a Bubba!” you can bet the speaker isn’t referring to a small guy. The nickname also suffers from a bit of the general (and exceedingly annoying) stereotyping of all things southern as being less intelligent so that it will bring to mind a big, dumb guy for a lot of people. The movie Forrest Gump, (which I actually love) didn’t do great things for the name Bubba!

Anyhow, while there are undoubtedly people who actually name their children Bubba, (God knows people name their children far more ridiculous things!), the vast majority of folks who actually use it as their name are like Mr. Watson—their parents gave them a “real” name at birth, but over time their nickname became the only thing they are ever called, to the point that most people don’t even know their “real” name! :)

myownsuperintendent replied to your post “4 for Love and Honour? :)”

The first sex scene came out really amazing, though :-)

Thank you!! I posted that chapter TWO JANUARYS AGO, and I STILL stress about it, LOL! 

myownsuperintendent said: "Love and Honor" #9

9. Did anyone in this fic surprise me by doing anything? If so, what?

Um …everybody at some point, LOL. These characters are bossy!! And for the most part I let them do what they seem to want when they’re super insistent about it. (Yes, I talk about fictional characters that GRRM created and I am writing about as if they had free will of some sort. Whatever. That’s how my brain works.)

The biggest surprise was probably Brienne. She went from “character I don’t think I need to include” to “most important non-Stark POV for huge portion of the story” without my ever really planning that. I love EVERYTHING she did in this fic. And I would change none of it, regardless of how painful it got.

vivacephoenix said: 8 and 12 for Love and Honor. :)

8. Was there anything I only learned about the fic after I had finished it?

Well, I’m NOT finished with it, LOLOL!! And I guess that’s the biggest thing I’ve learned about it—that is is WAY more ambitious than I’d realized when I conceptualized it nearly two years ago. I couldn’t bring myself to make the story less than I’d imagined, though, so I just let it become the behemoth that it is even though I know it’s too long. And I’ve tried extremely hard to LIMIT my brain with its seemingly endless capacity to come up with plot ideas BEFORE I start writing anything new. I still like long stories, I admit. But I am much better at limiting the scope than I was when I started L&H!

12. Did anything about this fic’s reception surprise me?

EVERYTHING!!!! I have stated repeatedly that I’ve been overwhelmed by the reception of Love and Honor. I’ve overused the word overwhelmed, but I honestly don’t know what else to say. I thought maybe four or five people would read it on the long ago day when I closed my eyes, held my breath, and hit “post” on that first chapter. I was floored when people started reading it and kept reading it. Then as it got longer and longer, I waited for people to get bored and lose interest (and I think some have, LOL), but more people seem to read it all the time, and I STILL close my eyes and hold my breath every time I post a new chapter. And the comments!! I never in a million years expected so many people to actually take the time to type out such lovely and encouraging things. Yes, there have been the odd comments that make me shake my head a bit or make some wonderful people jump in with vigorous defenses of something I’ve written, LOL, but the overwhelming majority of comments are so supportive. I imagine I speak for everyone who’s ever written anything when I say that those comments mean more than you could ever imagine. Anyway, yes, I continue to be surprised (and sometimes a little scared, tbh) DAILY by the reception to Love and Honor. And I am so very grateful for it.